Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hustlers Base

This is the hustler's base. A very common sight in any West African city. The material was obtained from scrap and used wood planks from building sites, treated against termites with waste engine oil. The roof is of old rusted aluminium sheets kept in its place with rocks, cement bricks and anything with weight that isnt worth stealing at night including pots, pans and cookware.The building has no windows and only one imposing door.
The interior is partitioned into three spaces, one main room and two bed chambers. The furniture positions are determined by the leak positions in the roof. Rain water harvesting is done inside.
During the rainy seasons, buckets and pans are placed under leak positions to harvest rain, If you love water music, you will love to be in this shack during a rain storm when the dripping sound in the pans create the most amazing music you have ever heard.